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Two Stephen King novels slated for 2014: "Mr. Mercedes" and "Revival"

For those wondering what's looming on the horizon, it has been announced that Stephen King will be releasing two novels this year.

The first is called "Mr. Mercedes" and is set to come out on June 3. The plot centers around a disturbed individual who mows down people in his Mercedes. In one attack, he manages to kill 8 people and injure 15. It's up to a retired cop to put a stop to his next major attack, which could threaten the lives of thousands.

According to the synopsis, the killer tips off the cop, which is weird. Cat and mouse stories are usually fun, but you'd think that tipping off the cops would be detrimental to the "big plan". It's possible that it could be a result of some personal connection. After all, it says that the cop is specifically sought out, so to speak.

It sounds like this book is going to dive more into psychological thriller as the summarizing blurb tells us that the reader will be delving into the psyche of a deranged psychopath. Sounds like it could be a solid, chilling read. We'll see how that pans out when it gets released in a few months.

The second book on the docket is called "Revival". While there has been some whispers that the book was coming, it was only recently that we got a general release date and a synopsis. It will be released some time in November and is estimated to be a little over 500 pages long.

This book will have King going to two of his stand by themes as it tackles both addiction and religious fanaticism. The fact that it is being described as "dark" and compared to the works of Edgar Allan Poe should also build up some anticipation for readers. Maybe it's because I really didn't care for "The Scarlet Letter", but I could have done without the comparison to Hawthorne.

According to the official synopsis, this book will center around Jamie, a musician who becomes acquainted with a minister in his childhood before said minister is banished. The two reunite later in life and wacky shenanigans ensue.

OK, I may have taken some liberties referring to the subsequent events as "wacky shenanigans", but that would have thrown the constant readers for a loop, wouldn't it? It's not made clear what the two get in to, but then again, you have to read the book to find out.

You can find more information at either Lilja's Library or the "Talk Stephen King" blog.

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