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Two Spindletop dogs still missing in California

Spindletop missing and presumed dead dogs .... this is their photo op
Spindletop missing and presumed dead dogs .... this is their photo op
Spindletop Missing and Dead Dogs Facebook page

BAD RAP, the pit bull group who acclaimed worldwide recognition and over the Michael Vick dogfighting case:

#6 and #7 missing two Spindletop dogs at BAD RAP rescue
Bad Rap Facebook page

'One contributor was Michael Vick himself. Part of his sentencing required Vick to pay $928,073.04 for the care of the dogs. Another motion according to the report provided $5K per dog to be paid to each rescue organization along with an additional $18,275 per dog for “each dog that was likely to spend a significant amount of time, if not the dog’s remaining lifetime, in a more restrictive environment such as a foster home or sanctuary environment.”'

BAD RAP began networking the Spindletop raid the day of and had to be asked to back down while those of us who had dogs at Spindletop could try and get our dogs back.

From BAD RAP's Facebook page:

"I am glad to see people who speak for the bullie breeds like BAD RAP and AFF get involved to be the voice and provide advocacy for these dogs. I would love to volunteer to take one in but I have a very small rescue and won't overdo it for this very reason. However, if we need to do a fundraiser to help either BAD RAP, AFF or a legitimate advocacy group, we are on it!"

BAD RAP: "Thank you B------a N---s. Sending good vibes to every person who is hoping to have their dog(s) returned safely and in good health.'

BAD RAP: "OMG! I know someone who surrendered her deaf BT mix to Spindletop a few years ago. I'll forward her picture to AFF to ensure that she still wasn't there. If she was, I'll try to coordinate her rescue. This is so sad and shocking."

Agreed. Wholeheartedly. This entire affair is 'sad and shocking.' How is it 'sad and shocking' for dogs to disappear at Spindletop, but seems to be ok to disappear at BAD RAP?

When PetSmart Charities began doling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to qualified rescue groups, BAD RAP took seven of these former abuse cases. Five of the dogs were networked, photo opped and advertised, but two of these dogs #6 and #7 were never heard from again.

BAD RAP has been asked repeatedly to produce information about these two dogs, yet have not received acknowledgement.

For nearly two years, BAD RAP has been asked to disclose information about these two dogs. They have refused to answer any questions.

BAD RAP has enjoyed a successful reign in rescue. According to BAD RAP financials, in 2012, the year they took in the Spindletop dogs, BAD RAP netted $341,000 with $150,000 in salaries for the two directors Tim Racer, who operates an art studio in the rescue facility and Donna Reynolds. That same year, $2,000 was declared for adoption fees and according to their own website, only 12 dogs were listed as being rescued.

Again, where are these two dogs? Why is their status and wellbeing being kept secret?

BAD RAP is making their foray into big time publishing with an upcoming article for TIME Magazine, yet still refuses to acknowledge the whereabouts of "#6" and "7" the two dogs who were never given names before disappearing after arriving at the group's lush acreage in the Oakland Hills.

Hundreds if not thousands of dogs once entrusted to Spindletop are still unaccounted for and a Facebook page has been created to find answers and seek justice for the horrors inflicted on these dogs.

A former manager has stepped forward claiming that hundreds were loaded up in the middle of the night on U-Haul trucks and taken off somewhere to be disposed of. Imagine living through that horrible nightmare only to disappear after arriving at a world-renowned lush rescue facility.

Please sign the petition begging BAD RAP to disclose the whereabouts of the two Spindletop refugees who disappeared in their care after arriving in August 2012.

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