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Two Russian Ambassadors caught talking about a new Cold War

When the Cold War ended in 1991, the spread of communism slowed considerably but on Friday, it appears that some Russian Ambassadors are looking forward to a second Cold War through a leaked phone call recording.

Two Russian Ambassadors caught talking about a new Cold War
(YouTube; The Guardian)

The leaked phone call was obtained by The Guardian and released on Friday between Russian Ambassadors, Igor Chubarov, Russia's ambassador to Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa near Sudan, and Sergei Bakharev, the ambassador to Zimbabwe and Malawi, although these two ambassadors have not been independently verified at this time that it was them speaking.

In the five-minute recording, Igor Chubarov initiates the call to Sergei Bakharev, they begin talking about the Ukraine crises and Crimea and then moved on to the EU and that they are not finished yet.

Chubarov said, “Now I have a very simple task…for the time being… I am saying the only key to those EU HoMs. I’m repeating, ‘Guys, we’ve taken away Crimea but it’s not the f**king end (laughs).”

While continuing to laugh, Chubarav said, “In the future, we’ll take away your “Catalonia” (California), Venice as well as “Cattleland” (Scotland), and Alaska…. and we’ll never rest content with that.”

Bakharev says, “At first stage, we will….”

Chubarov cuts in and said, “Agreed and only at first stage, and later we’ll think it over. All those f**king limit-trophes, Latvia, Estonia and other Europeans as well as Romanians and Bulgarians, we’ll kick their ass’s in the right direction – where they have to be.”

Bakharev responds by saying, “Oh, no, it’s better to not touch them, we are not going to kick them in….it’ll be better for us to disturb Californialand, Miamiland, that sort of desolated regions.”

“You’re right…there’s practically f**king 95% of our citizens in Miamiland,” said Chubarov.

Bakharev responds by saying, “Exactly.”

The first Cold War began in 1945 with military and political tensions between the Western Bloc, which consisted of the United States, NATO, and others against the Eastern Bloc, which consisted of the Soviet Union (USSR) and its allies in Warsaw Pact region.

Although there was no large scale fighting between the western and eastern bloc, there were major regional wars in Korea and Vietnam.

The U.S. government and academia has taught or denied that no U.S. causalities were reported between the United States, the Soviet Union, and the Eastern Bloc when in fact, the Cold War did have casualties in which U.S. soldiers and others were killed between the western and eastern blocs from 1945-1990.

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