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Two quick workouts for when you don't have time to workout

Workout where you can
Workout where you can
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If you have a work life schedule like me, you sometimes feel like you just don’t have time to workout. I work 10 hour days at my job and I have a commute of 45 min each way. I am gone for 12 hours per day minimum on work days. It doesn’t leave much extra time to workout, especially if you have a family and other things you need to attend to on a daily basis. Even if you have time, sometimes you just don’t feel like working out.

I have found several workouts to do on my work days that give me a killer workout on those days, and take so little time that there is no excuse for not doing them. They take 3 minutes each to do, and when you do one of them each day, you get a full body workout in only 6 minutes for 2 days. All you need for equipment is a timer an exercise band, and your body weight.

Now that I have your attention, lets get right into the workouts.

Workout 1. Set the timer for 3 minutes. You can rest if and when you need to, the goal is to get at least one more rep each time you workout.
Start with 5 bodyweight squats, then go to 5 pushups. Focus on keeping your abs tight when doing the pushups.
Then do 6 squats, and 6 pushups
Then do 7 squats, and 7 pushups
Do as many rounds as you can in the 3 minutes. When the timer goes off, you're done.

Workout 2. This workout is the same format. Set the timer for 3 minutes.
Do 5 curls with the band, do 5 tricep extensions with the band.
Then do 6 curls, 6 tricep extensions.
Do 7 curls, 7 tricep extensions.
Keep going until the timer goes off and you're done.

If you do these two very simple workouts 2 days each per week, you will keep all your muscles toned well. These workouts are not going to add lots of muscle, they will keep you strong and toned. If you add 2 or 3 day per week of some type of cardio, you’ll be on your way to getting or staying in shape, even when you really don't have time to workout.

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