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Two-player draft supplementary product possible in the future

Note: Limited "grinders" aren't really robot monsters. No, really.

Many Magic players are probably drafting Conspiracy right at this moment - the politics and discord of the format is fun for multiplayer aficionados and Limited freaks alike, but those who enjoy one aspect (that is, the free-for-all multiplayer and the drafting) and not the other are out of luck with the format. But success for Conspiracy could mean similar but different products in the future, according to Mark Rosewater on his Tumblr blog.

When nobthehobbit said to Rosewater, "Some feedback about Conspiracy: I love the draft, I just don't like multiplayer, and since the latter happens after the former drafting Conspiracy has generally been overall a poor experience for me. I think I would much prefer a set that retains the draft-matters cards, but has traditional two-player games and three-round Swiss in each pod," Rosewater put the proposition to open commenting.

General consensus has been "the more formats, the merrier" - rnaaron said "The multiplayer aspect doesn’t reduce my fun, really, but yes. I would love to have a draft format with more of these cards that affect the draft itself and then play duels," while ebonrose wrote, "I enjoy multiplayer games, but I would not object to a Conspiracy-like set that used 1v1 matches after the draft. I do think the multiplayer format prodded the creation of mechanics we’d have never seen otherwise though, so at most I’d say alternate."

The most unique part of Conspiracy, of course, are the draft-affecting "pickerbot" Construct artifact creatures; if they're popular enough, we might stand to see them in a regular expansion.

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