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Two Pit Bulls facing death in Inglewood, California

Sasha and Brutus
Wendy Barajas

The amazing irony of our judicial system is animal abusers are walking free with no punishment for their heinous crimes, Michael Vick continues to play football, Casey Anthony was never charged with the death of her child yet Pit Bulls are being executed across the nation for merely getting out of their unsecured backyards. Not harming anyone in their escapee adventures but because they are Pit Bulls they are deemed vicious and must be destroyed in the eyes of the law. If any other dog breed was seen running loose it’s guaranteed the sentence would never be death.

Wendy Barajas of Inglewood, California is learning this the hard way as her two beloved Pit Bull's lives are hanging in the balance right now.

According to Wendy her two dogs, Sasha, a white Pit Bull and Bruno, a brown Pit Bull have been with Wendy for 5 and 6 years. They are very well cared for and have never been aggressive or bitten anyone before. The nightmare started a few months ago when Wendy's house was being fumigated and the local gas company was called to turn off the gas. When the technician arrived they did some work on the gas meter and accidentally damaged the gate. When Wendy arrived home the dogs had gotten out through the damaged gate. Animal control paid a visit and informed Wendy that if the dogs ever get out again they would be taken away as Pit Bulls are vicious dogs.

A few months later on February 21st 2014 the dogs got out a second time as the gate was accidentally left open. Wendy eventually discovered that her front door neighbor and she have the same frequency on their remotes and are able to open each others gate

Animal Control followed through on their threat and seized the dogs. When she came home that Friday, February 21st she found animal control on the street with Bruno in the truck and Sasha was being pulled out from Wendy’s backyard on a catch pole. They were on her property which is illegal.

She immediately went to the Carson Shelter and spoke to a supervisor. He stated that the dogs got out and were chasing people but that she was lucky since they did not bite anyone. . Because of this incident and complaints from the people that were chased Wendy was going to be criminally charged with neglect. They also stated that the dogs would be deemed vicious as they showed aggression toward each other.

Wendy was also told she would have to pay $18 a day to house her pets until her hearing in May or later according to the shelter. On top of being criminally charged she was also going to be charged many fines and fees that could total thousands of dollars. Wendy was heartbroken and with tears in her eyes she relinquished her beloved Sasha and Bruno to anima control. How Sasha and Bruno’s hearts must have broken to be left alone in this strange environment confined to cages.

The shelter stated that Wendy had 5 days to find a rescue to take her dogs or they would be disposed off in 5 days. She came home that night and emailed as many Pit Bull dog rescues she could find online. She also contacted the Lexus Project who provides legal defense for such cases.
On Monday, Feb 24th Wendy sent the shelter a written request to rescind the relinquishment of the dogs as the decision was made under duress. She also requested that an outside agency be allowed to give her dogs a behavioral/temperament test. To date no one from the shelter has responded to her request. She is basically being ignored.

Wendy is becoming very worried over the well being of her dogs are already showing signs of stress. They are not used to being confined to a kennel.

Many have asked if the dogs can be "pulled" by a rescue and the answer is no. Since the dogs now have legal representation via the Lexus Project and they are fighting to bring them back home, there is a "hold" on the dogs.

All of this heavy handed punishment because two dogs accidentally got out and did not hurt anyone.

It’s coming up on week two that the dogs are at the shelter and the fees are adding up daily.

To Wendy Barajas, like most of us her pets are her life. She has no children so these dogs mean the world to her. She is desperately asking for help. Even if she can never have her dogs back she still has to try and fight for their lives. She is even willing to take two dogs from any rescue that can care for her two. Wendy is willing to do anything to spare their lives.

Too many dogs have been killed because of their breed. Tony in Clifton, Arizona, Wicca in Montreal Quebec, Lennox in Belfast, Ireland and many more. Do not let Sasha and Bruno suffer this same fate. Let this case be a turning point in how Pit Bulls and their owners are treated by those in authority. Let them know we are all watching and will continue to fight for the lives of these dogs and the rights of the people to own whatever dog breed they choose

Fortunately Wendy's cry for help has been heard and she has been inundated with messages from people all over the country who want to help her pay the shelter fees she is faced with. If you would like to contribute to Wendy's fund raiser please donate via the below link;

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