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Two people missing - could this also be another 'Left Behind' incident?

Could the 2 passengers have been 'taken up' as in "Left Behind"
Could the 2 passengers have been 'taken up' as in "Left Behind"
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Update: Wednesday, March 27, 2014
According to News4JAX, the bodies of the victims were found in their seats in the plane and with their seat belts on. The bodies will be identified by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Read the complete story below and see what could have been if the bodies were not recovered. A little food for thought.

A small Piper PA-44 aircraft crashed on March 24, 2014 around 7:10 p.m., 4 miles east of Brunswick, Georgia’s Golden Isles Airport. The plane departed from Concord, NC, and was headed to the Jacksonville Executive Airport/Craig Field near Jacksonville, FL.

There were two persons aboard, and as of Wed. March 26th – no bodies have been located. According to, some of the debris from the plane is suspected to be pieces of the plane's battery, some luggage and an exterior component of the plane have been found in the marsh area. See the News4Georgia Video report on crash (Here).

Since Friday, March 7, 2014 the Malaysian Air Boeing 777, flight 370 jumbo jetliner carrying 239 passengers and crew has only found some debris, but no bodies have been located.

There was some controversy about the Malaysian plane missing and the possibility of the passengers from both planes resembling the “Left Behind” book/movie series.

Who are we to say that all persons aboard could or could not be Christians? Who is to say that all the missing persons did not come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior?

Have you noticed that more movies and TV shows are focusing on the Bible and Christianity? Are you prepared to meet your creator, no matter what the circumstance? Do you know what purpose you have on this earth? Is it relevant? Did you just combust? Where will you spend eternity when you leave this earth? Are you living a fulfilled life? Take a walk with me and if you’re looking for a better way of life; contact me.

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