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Two Oklahoma dogs crash their owner's truck on joyride: No injuries reported

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If you are scared of your teenager getting behind the wheel, just imagine how the owner of a border collie and Labrador retriever felt last week when his two dogs took a short joy ride in Tulsa with his Ford pickup truck reported Fox 23 News.

Riverside Drive and 25th Street were jammed up for hours after the dogs, named Roscoe and Luna, who had been waiting in the cab of the truck for their owner, when apparently one of them accidentally shifted the truck into gear.

The truck had been sitting on the top of a hill, and rolled down nearly three blocks into traffic - narrowly missing a few runners and other vehicles.

The pickup came to a stop at the bank of the Arkansas River, and thankfully had been stopped by a cement culvert.

The owner stated he had left the dogs in the car for approximately 15 minutes as he went into a house, and when he came out to leave, thought his missing truck may have been towed away. No suck luck!

Luckily there were no injuries, and Roscoe and Luna didn't even have to show their dog licenses to authorities because no traffic tickets were issued.

Unfortunately the owner's truck suffered significant damage.

And if there is a moral to the story, do not lend your vehicle to dogs; they simply cannot drive, no matter what the Subaru commercials try to portray.

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