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Two new trailers

Be ready to be Rockblocked
Be ready to be Rockblocked

Two teaser trailers for sequels due to come out next summer, began making their rounds on the internet today.

The first trailer, which can bee seen here, is for MIB:III or Men in Black III. The third film in the franchsise deals with Agent J, played by Will Smith, going back to 1969 to figure who killed Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones in the present and Josh Brolin in 1969. The most impressive thing in this trailer is how much Brolin looks and sounds like Tommy Lee Jones, the two previously starred together in the Oscar winning No Country for Old Men.

The second trailer is for GI Joe: Retaliation which, according to The Rock, can only bee see on This time, the film is being helmed by Jon Chu instead of Steven Sommers, the only director on Earth who could make a movie based on a cartoon, too cartoony. It appears Chu has decided to drop Marlon Wayans and bring in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the beautiful Adrianne Palicki, and add in a dose of Bruce Willis. It does not take a Cobra scientist to figure out that this film will be better than the first.