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Two new seasonals released by Lafayette Brewing Company

New summer seasonals now available at Lafayette Brewing Company
New summer seasonals now available at Lafayette Brewing Company
Nathan Caldwell

Black Rock CDA, and Third Eye Rye are the latest brews to come flowing out of the taps at Lafayette Brewing Company. Both are dark, one has a distinct bite and attack, the other is just plain smooth.

Black Rock Cascadian Dark Ale teases the palette with an energizing light sting upon the first sip. After that, it’s a smooth tasting brew that relaxes a patron’s taste buds. The smoothness comes from a sweet, syrupy taste that carries a patron to a soft, comforting place. Black Rock CDA evokes images of a light thunderstorm with distant thunder and rain lightly dotting the outdoors in a relaxing staccato. It seems this beer arrived just in time for summer.

On the lighter side of summer, Third Eye Rye is just purely relaxing. This beer is not as dark in color as its CDA companion, but that does not diminish its taste at all. The taste of this beer evokes visions of late afternoon sunsets. This may be a brew best enjoyed after a meal or on a hot day in the back yard.

These two new brews will most likely also be featured in Lafayette Brewing Company’s off-site events. LBC is scheduled to appear in future editions of Mosey Down Main Street, the Indiana Microbrewers' Festival, The River City Grapes and Hops Festival, and Beers Across the Wabash. Lafayette Brewing Company is also working on adding new food items with a release date of July 8th, 2014. This certainly opens up a much wider range of beer and drink possibilities. LBC is also open on July 4th. With these two new ales, new dishes, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy them all, patrons are certainly in for a long, lustrous, and tasty summer.