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Two new Northbook jobs to end the week

It's hard to believe that we're almost at the end of March. But despite the month coming to an end, there are still plenty of jobs for everyday struggling American out there. The two jobs of the week are both within the Northbrook, IL area. If you live close to that area, why not check out one of these positions?

The first job of the week is an opening at Ageatia Technology Consultancy Services Inc. for a Customer Support-NBK. This Northbrook company is looking for someone to fill this role. The candidate for this job must work alongside a contracted service provider to conduct on-site efforts for mobile device distribution, upgrade, turn-in, set-up and reclamation/recycle. You must possess a willingness to travel and strong customer service skills. For more information on this position, visit its posting on

The second job of the week is an opening for an Assistant Director, Process Optimization at pharmaceutical company Astellas. You must have 10 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and competing priorities and at least 3 years of management experience. The Assistant Director is responsible for collaborating with internal stakeholders to lead Astellas Scientific and Medical Affairs. You could apply for this job on the aforementioned website as well.

Those were the two new jobs of the week. If you live in the Northbrook area, feel free to apply to one of these openings. These jobs could possibly lead you to a promising career.

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