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Two new films

Aussie western Red Hill
Aussie western Red Hill

Two new film trailers have begun to make the rounds this week as September comes to a close.

The first is for the Aussie western Red Hill. Red hill stars Ryan Kwanten, or Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, as a young police officer on his first day of duty in a small town in Australia. The town has a dark past and soon has troubles with an escaped Aborigine.

Red Hill is the feature length debut of Patrick Hughes and has been garnering some very strong buzz from various film festivals. It is scheduled to be released on November 10, 2010 and the trailer can be seen here.

The other is the new film from Legion director Scott Charles Stewart. Legion had some great potential but ended up being one of the most frustrating films of the past few years.

His new film, Priest, once again stars Paul Bettany in the lead role of a priest who is trying to track down a group of vampires who have kidnapped his niece. The film also stars Maggie Q, the star of the hit TV show Nikita, Cam Gigandet and Karl Urban.

The trailer, which can be seen here, looks interesting though very uneven and much like Legion will most likely end up disappointing audiences.

As an added bonus check out the brand new trailer for the True Grit remake here.


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