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Two new Angry Orchard options

Cinnful & Green Apple
Cinnful & Green Apple
Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard has introduced two new options to their list of hard cider’s! Perfect this time of year, as apples are at their peak, the new styles are Cinnful Apple and Green Apple! What’s exciting about these selections, beside the refreshing, delicious taste, is that the ciders are the first options they’ve created using American apples versus the European apple blends they had used in the past..

“With Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple and Green Apple hard ciders, we are exploring new apple varieties and flavor profiles that offer our adventurous drinkers a distinctly unique and refreshing taste,” said David Sipes, Cider Maker for Angry Orchard. “We searched for apples from specific regions in the United States that share characteristics with European apple blends we’ve traditionally used, paying homage to our original cider making techniques while introducing new and exciting hard ciders.”

The Cinnful Apple “has a sweet, slightly tart apple flavor, complemented by the aroma of cinnamon spice” while the Green Apple “has a bright, fresh apple flavor with notes of sweet honeydew melon and kiwi.” You can expect them both to be satisfying, since the brand offers the number one selling hard ciders in the country! Cinnful Apple is available seasonally, nationally while the Green Apple will be offered all year long!

“The cinnamon spice notes in Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple add hints of cocoa and a slight heat to the cider, which is balanced by a dry and warm finish. It is a perfect marriage of nostalgic flavors for the fall and winter seasons,” said Sipes. “Angry Orchard Green Apple showcases the recognizable tart, puckering flavor characteristic of green apples, meant to be enjoyed year-round, and unlike any other cider.”

Look out for both options in your local store and find out more information at the website: