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Two more one-way blocks coming on Mission Ave.

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The project relieving the traffic in the shopping district on Mission Avenue in Oceanside moved two blocks to the two blocks east of Coast Highway. North side barricades on the avenue keep drivers in one-way traffic until the street permanentoly becomes a one-way westbound street at the project end in mid-June.

Work removing the old sidewalks and roadways began the two block work. Shops and restaurants stay open until the project workers move down the street in mid-March to do the eastern two blocks section. Parkers can use Pier View Way and Seagaze Drive until new parking is put in.

In June, Oceanside shoppers will have wider sidewalks that run along a tree filled landscape. Corner pockets will have bulb out curbs. Giving walkers room to stop and gather.

The project workers put in bicycling sharrows on the new one-way roadway.

With busy cross street traffic held out of the main Oceanside shopping district, shoppers will easily find their way down the street. The space drivers lose will make the walkers surroundings a scenic streetscape.

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