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Two Minutes Hate

File photo
File photo
Abdul Rahman bin Laden

It's about time for me to weigh-in on the “capture” (read: murder) of Osama bin Laden and the reaction by those around me. Too much has gone said, and unsaid, for me to abstain.

Just hours after the covert strike on a home just north of Islamabad, Pakistan, the fervor surrounding the boogeyman's execution was at a fever-pitch back in the U.S.

Many of the videos depicting Americans' reaction in the hours after the announcement, including the now infamous “spontaneous” display in front of the White House, seemed too much like the hatred displayed in the Muslim world after the attacks on September 11th 2001 and subsequent invasion of Iraq. Burning effigies were all that were missing.

Reminicent of the passage of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, the American people were prodded into "Two Minutes Hate" of their manufactured common enemy.

In order to gain the kind of disdain for these acts of proxy-barbarism and misplaced hatred, one must fully appreciate the scope and relationship of Osama bin-Laden and the U.S. military in the Middle East for the last 30+ years.

From the misguided drunken college students hooting and hollering on Pennsylvania Ave, to the Texans high-fiving in convenience stores, to the innumerable Facebook status updates praising Obama for “getting him”; I'll tell you why I think they all have it wrong.

Firstly, and to me most obviously, a covert strike within the borders of an ally in order to kill an individual without due process and/or the chance to confront his accusers is murder. Plain and simple. An assassination.

Whether you join into the the hatred of Osama bin-Laden or not, you should never accept violence as a “necessary” action, especially by a government against an individual. 'Why?' you ask? Well, because what's to stop them from doing it to you, or your neighbor, or your son? Absolutely nothing, because you have already condoned that kind of thuggish behavior against your so-called enemies. You or anyone you know can now be painted with the same brush they used to paint Tim Osman.

Which brings me to my second point; Osama bin-Laden was a CIA trained and funded asset with the U.S.-backed Mujahadeen in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation from 1979 – 1989.

To his CIA handlers, he was known as Tim Osman while operating in Los Angeles, CA. But he was more often called a “freedom-fighter” by those in the American media when reporting on the Soviet-Afghanistan conflict. So, to me, whether he was still working for the CIA on 9/11 or not really is a moot point, the entire reason he might have been able to pull off an attack was directly due to his deep roots in, and early support from, U.S. military intelligence.

Also, since when is it considered OK to celebrate someone's death? Especially since many so-called Christians will celebrate a person's death, but support caging those that smoke a plant from the “moral high-ground”.

Predictably, the violent nationalistic zealots took it one step further. Not only was it OK to openly celebrate a murder, but you were considered anti-American if you didn't partake in the collective blood-lust, and God help you if you spoke against those that were.

But even more troubling than all the above, was how you were treated if you even questioned the “official” narrative of events. Lets run through a few now, shall we?

  • President Obama and his staff watched the raid happen real-time through soldiers' helmet cams
  • Osama bin-Laden was armed and opened fire as Seal Team VI approached the “mansion”
  • Osama bin-Laden used one of his wives as a “human shield”
  • Osama bin-Laden's body was “buried at sea” as per standard Muslim practice
  • Officials on scene collected pictures, videos, and DNA samples to “confirm” the deceased was indeed Osama bin-Laden

But if you have followed the “official” story after the first reports, you would find that nearly all of the original details are undeniably false, and have been admitted as such by administration officials.

  • The live feed was interrupted during the 40 minute raid, exposing the photo op of Obama and Clinton watching in false “astonishment” as a staged propaganda piece
  • Tim Osman never fired a single shot and was unarmed when he was shot in the head, and what was described as a mansion initially, is shown to have been a veritable cesspit
  • Tim Osman never attempted to use his wife as a human shield, even as he was murdered execution-style in front of his wife and 12-year-old child
  • It is not “standard practice” for those following Tim Osman's particular sect of Islam to be dumped in the ocean; on the contrary, for a traditional burial, the body must be buried with the head pointing towards Mecca
  • The administration has not released any pictures, videos, or DNA evidence that would supposedly prove that what they threw in the ocean was indeed Tim Osman (AKA: Osama bin-Laden)

So, as the official narrative changes, is twisted, and mischaracterized in the media and by profiteers; one is apparently supposed to just “flip-off” their logical brain and simply accept the story told by the Federal government and let the celebration begin.

Or, if you can't do that, at least just shut-up and quit asking questions.

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