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Two Mexican citizens arrested in credit card fraud case

Target Stores
Target Stores

A Texas police officer arrested two people on Monday who allegedly used stolen account information during the Target security breech, according to an story published on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

Mary Carmen Garcia and Daniel Guardiola Dominguez, both Mexican citizens, used stolen account information to steal thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise. The stolen credit card information, belonging to South Texas residents, was used by Garcia and Dominguez to purchase items from several national retail stores, including Best Buy, Toys-R-Us, and Walmart.

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez, the man behind the arrests, says he wasn’t sure if these individuals are related in some way to the Target data breach, but anything is possible. Federal officials investigating the Target fraud confirm that there is currently no connection, but one could be uncovered as the investigation unfolds.

McAllen police started working with the Secret Service in early January after a number of stores reported fraudulent purchases. Watching videos from affected stores, McAllen police and other investigators were able to identify a vehicle with Mexican license plates. From this lead, they were able to zero- in on Garcia and Dominguez. Tracking them down at a re- entry point into the United States, the two were discovered to have 96 fraudulent credit cards in their possession.

Federal investigators are convinced that Garcia and Dominguez are involved in the acquisition of private account data and in the manufacture of fraudulent credit cards. Whether or not they are connected to the Target security breach remains to be seen, but regardless, the two Mexican citizens will eventually face federal charges.

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