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Two men put rabbit heads in Westfield mailboxes as Easter joke

Rabbit heads were placed in mailboxes on Easter as a joke.
Rabbit heads were placed in mailboxes on Easter as a joke.
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A 24 year old man from Springfield, Mass. and a 26 year old man from Chicopee, Mass. will be charged in connection with the severed rabbit heads that were found in mailboxes in Westfield, Mass., according to the Boston Herald. Westfield police found the persons responsible with help from the public.

Three people, including two sisters who live four blocks from one another, reported finding rabbit heads in their mailboxes the Monday following Easter.

Sgt. Steve Dickinson said investigators were able to track down the individuals, whose names have not been released. The two men claimed to have found the already-deceased rabbits during their newspaper route. The five rabbits they found were wild and not domesticated. The men thought it would be funny to cut off their heads and place them in random mailboxes on their delivery route on Easter, saying it was a joke.

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