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Two men film, torture and kill horse in Saudi Arabia desert

Sappington shoots horse
Sappington shoots horse
YouTube still

The camera captured two men in the heinous act of animal cruelty as they shot a horse to death after first torturing it. This deliberate act of cruelty occurred on Saturday, Aug. 31, somewhere in the Saudi desert.

Published on, the article details that one man held the little stallion on a leadrope while the other stoops down at close range to shoot it in the belly. The two then watched for a while as the seriously wounded and suffering horse stumbles around, until it finally loses its footing and falls from the injury. It is wounded in the gut and in pain. Finally, the gunman shoots the horse again, this time in the head, finally ending its suffering. Even that shot was not placed well since the horse reacted violently as it was executed.

This display is utterly ruthless and deliberately tortures the horse until it is finally shot and killed. The gunman could just as easily have killed the animal with the first shot.

It was not all that long ago when Tim Sappington of Valley Meat fame outraged the public by executing his own horse and filming it. This writer covered Sappington’s debacle in these articles, Horse killing sparks shock, outrage, activism, concern and The legal system is not punishing him but the public has spoken out

Apparently this is the second killing of a horse in Saudi Arabia within the last two weeks. Two men killed a horse on film – in this instance the horse was killed by a clean shot into the head.

The Saudi Arabic language daily ‘Ajel’ published the second video but it does not state the location of the shooting. Readers of the article have called on the officials to publicly identify those horse killers and are seeking punishment for the crime.

Hopefully the films will not get further publicity. The concerned public should consider these actions and the video as problematic and brutal.

Note for readers: I have not included the video with this article because of the brutality of the film.

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