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Two men in Cyprus saved dog found walking on road tied in trash bag

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Alex Pavlimbey and Nikolas Koumallas were driving down the highway between the Cypriot capitol of Nicosia and the port city of Larnaca when they spotted a trash bag walking along the road. To these two men, it was obvious that something was very wrong, and when they stopped and opened the bag, they found a live puppy, according to an article posted today on

Koumallas captured the rescue on video, and Pavlimbey has posted the videos on his Facebook page. The videos are well worth watching. The kindness of these two men towards this puppy is heartwarming.

The videos show them stopping to check out the walking trash bag. There was a puppy inside, and the little pup was struggling to get out. Koumallas and Pavlimbey were concerned that the dog would run into the highway when they freed him from the bag, so they opened the bag in the trunk of the car.

It appears that someone deliberately put the puppy inside a garbage bag, tied the bag shut, and then threw the bag on the side of the road. Surprisingly, thanks to the quick thinking of these two men, the puppy came through the incident in good condition with just a bump on his head. Authorities think that happened when the bag containing the dog was thrown from the window of a car.

The pup, who appears to be a beagle mix, is currently in a foster home awaiting adoption.