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Two men attempt to rob Robotoki, Robert Bowling scares them away

Robert Bowling, President of Robotoki.
Robert Bowling, President of Robotoki.

It's not every day that you see an attempted robbery at a video game studio. Robert Bowling has tweeted today saying that two men attempted to rob Robotoki, developer of Human Element.

"These two men attempted to rob robotoki tonight, unfortunately for them, I work late," Bowling tweets. He also posted an Instagram from a security feed capturing the attempt and Bowling's swift charge to scare them off.

It's been a rather "exciting" experience since Robotoki was founded as earlier this year the building was stormed by the LAPD when a designer unknowingly pressed a panic button.

Founded by Bowling himself, the studio was founded in 2012 soon after he departed Activision and Infinity Ward.

While it may seem harmless in hindsight, Bowling is lucky that the men weren't armed and didn't attempt to harm him.

We'll surely hear more about this in the morning. For more information, stay tuned.

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