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Two Long Island lovelies search for Prince Charming on 'I Wanna Marry Harry'

Jacqueline Conroy and Kimberly Birch from Long Island will appear on "I Wanna Marry Harry."
Jacqueline Conroy and Kimberly Birch from Long Island will appear on "I Wanna Marry Harry."

Two Long Island lovelies have been cast to search for Prince Charming on the premiere of “I Wanna Marry Harry” according to a Newsday report on Thursday. Brunette beauties Kimberly Birch and Jacqueline Conroy of Nassau County are ready to receive the royal treatment in another Fox reality TV dating dupe.

Fox is tempting fate once again with another reality romance with a twist, “I Wanna Marry Harry.” Twelve American women are on the hunt for Prince Charming and unaware that “Harry” is an “average English bloke” and not the real son of Princess Diana.

Two Long Islanders have joined the cast looking for love. Kimberly Birch is from Malverne, the village that Liv Tyler graced last week while filming “The Leftovers,” and Jacqueline Conroy is a native of Rockville Centre. On the “I Wanna Marry Harry” experience, Birch has stated the camaraderie of the other women was similar to “a big slumber party.” Kimberly wants a man with a good personality and a sense of humor that could keep up with her “wild energy.” Wealthy and royal status seems not to be an issue as she hopes to find a “genuinely good guy with a job.”

Jacqueline Conroy of Rockville Centre has slightly different expectations, according to her video bio on the Fox site. The nutritionist loves to shop and enjoys ‘several glasses of wine." Conroy wants an “awesome” man, someone that is “smart and brilliant" in his own sense, in whatever he does. "I just want him to be awesome at it.”

“I Wanna Marry Harry” is Fox’s second foray into finding love under false pretenses, think 2002’s bomb, "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire," which rated number 25 on TV Guide’s 50 Worst TV Shows of all Time list. The misguided adventures begin on Tuesday, May 27 when the series premiere of "I Wanna Marry Harry" airs on Fox at 8 p.m. ET. Will it be a summer of love or an epic fail of overdramatic whining bubbleheads?