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Two Las Vegas casinos to start accepting Bitcoin: Where can you spend yours?

Golden Gate Hotel & Casino
Golden Gate Hotel & Casino
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Two Las Vegas hotels started something huge today. On Jan. 21, AOL reported that D Las Vegas and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino are both going to be accept Bitcoins at their casino. This is a type of digital currency that is starting to get really popular and some customers will be really excited to be able to use it here.

The thing is you can't use Bitcoin to gamble yet. Both places will let you use it at the front desk to pay for your rooms. The D's will take it in the gift shops to purchase items. The other places you can use them are places that you eat inside of the hotels.

Since these hotels are the first to accept Bitcoin they might bring in a few new customers this way. If this currency continues to be popular, it is very possible that other casinos will pick up the trend and start to accept it as well at their business.

Do you plan to use Bitcoins at a Las Vegas casino? Sound off in the comments.