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Two key tips to avoid job stress during the job search

Now hiring job seekers
Now hiring job seekers

With the economic crisis America is currently in many job seekers are feeling an overly amount of stress when reviewing job classifieds. It is quite natural for this to happen because many are in need of a job and there is a highly competitive resume jungle throughout the career market. When experiencing the two types of situations below, the job seeker can use either phone communication or email. Here are two examples to consider:

1. Lack of feedback; if you have not gotten a response from the online application applied to one week prior, relax. Businesses have daily schedules and everyone gets caught up in them. Someone will get in touch with you but for now make a note and on Monday morning call the Human Resources office or the hiring manager for an update on your job application status.

2. Unsure regarding job interview outcome; a person went into an interview that went quite well yet they have not received any type of communication since and it has been three business days since. Stay focused and be calm on this issue as you were called in for an interview. The best suggestion is to give a few more days so there is an entire week then phone the contact person whom you spoke to asking for an update in regards to the job interview process. If you have this person’s email an option to consider is to use it and write a formal business letter. That business letter can thank them for the interview and politely ask for an update on the job status.

A business can experience multiple issues throughout one day, some being planned and others not. In essence, a hiring manager may need to quickly readjust because of an unexpected factor. This is when the job seeker can be most helpful by following the two job search hints above as it will relieve job stress and it will also assist the hiring manager in some cases with their hectic work day.