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Two juveniles arrested in St. Louis for brutally abusing dog and posting video

See also is reporting this afternoon that two juveniles are in custody after an investigation of a video showing what appears to be a teenager brutally slamming a dog to the ground repeatedly and beating it with his fists.

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The video appears to be a brown young female pit bull or pit bull mix and appears to be quite bewildered by the abuse she is sustaining. In the video, she makes no efforts to fight back, and shows no signs of discussion.

At least two voices that appear to be that of young males are heard in the video. They both laugh and appear to be enjoying the spectacle. The boy who is swinging and beating the dog can be hear claiming that the dog tried to run away. As he drags the video towards the garage door, he can be heard saying that the dog tried to bite him on the head.

According to the KDSK article, incident occurred in the St. Louis, MO area. The dog has been seized by animal control and is being treated for her injuries.

The Facebook account has since been taken down.


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