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Two important issues for Nevada in the 2012 Presidential election

Since it is landlocked, largely dry, and it works and fuels its economy in different ways than many other states, the problems and discussions that affect Nevada in an election can be different than those found in the mainstream national interest. Here are two important issues that should interest Nevada residents in the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election.

Energy policy

Sustainable forms of energy, particularly solar power, will take center state for Nevada in the upcoming election. President Barack Obama has expressed steady support for increasing funding for developing planet-friendly, sustainable forms of energy, like solar power, and decreasing funding for fossil fuels like coal.

Republican candidate hopeful Rick Santorum strongly and consistently supports continued funding of fossil fuel development and has made some recent statements supporting funding for the development of other forms of energy.

Newt Gingrich has expressed support funding both fossil fuel and green technology development, though he has been vocally opposed to some of the Obama Administration's efforts toward developing green energy.

Mitt Romney has stated that he would like to increase production of American sources of fossil fuel while also funding development of new energy technologies.

Yucca Mountain

Though President Obama has taken steps to end budget support for the controversial Yucca Mountain project, Romney has not taken a definitive stance on the issue.

Gingrich and Santorum have expressed support for Yucca Mountain as a dumping ground for national nuclear waste, which could mean its return if one of them is elected in the Fall.


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