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Two important fitness tips to live by

Warrior Two Yoga Pose
Warrior Two Yoga Pose
Ella Photography

If you are like many of us your workout schedule probably varies depending on the week. It is a rare individual who is able to keep their ideal workout schedule going at all times.

That said, the most common mistake people make when they are trying to get into better shape is not working out often enough or working out for a long enough period of time for each workout. There are a few key tips that are proven to make a difference in your body and your workout schedule and will leave you feeling better and ultimately will lead to more changes in your body.

Stretching before and after a workout is the most important aspect in maintaining your body over time. Not surprisingly though, this is the main area that people forgo when exercising. True, it is time consuming and you do not feel as if you are gaining anything from stretch but it is proven that stretching regularly when working out is the key to more flexibility, less injury, and therefore bigger changes in your body over time.

The Stretching Institute:
This website is a great resource to find specific stretching advice according to what kind of exercise you are currently doing. For example baseball, basketball, running etc.

Stretching excercises at your desk: Stretching at work is an easy way to keep up the flexibility you need while saving time at the gym. For all of us who sit at a desk during work, which is many of us, stretching at work can be the ticket to getting more workouts in during the week and keeping yourself flexible so that you avoid injuries.

Drink Enough Water:
The key to endurance during a workout is hydration. Depending on what kind of workout you are doing there are different times and amounts of water you should drink. If you are playing a sport such as basketball it is extremely important to hydrate before you begin your workout. This is because there is very little time once you have begun to gain enough hydration.

Any workout that requires a lot of jumping, is team bases, or includes running is a workout where you should consciously drink a good amount of water before starting. If you are working out on a machine at a gym or at home you will be able to hydrate throughout your workout. Just be sure to bring enough water with you.

Lastly, and it is important to stress this point, if you are drinking anything but water you are in fact counteracting your workout. There are tons of energy and workout drinks out there. None of these will actually help you to have better results. In fact many are harmful because they contain so much sugar and salt. When it comes down to it, there is nothing better than good ole faithful water.


  • Susan Foshay 5 years ago

    It is great to be reminded of the simple things we forget in our quest for fitness! Water! Sometimes the best advice is "Keep it Simple." Thanks, Elisabeth Gioelli for the reminder..

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