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Two great Smithsonian Channel documentaries come to DVD

Thank you God!
Thank you God!
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Inception Media Group will present two fascinating Smithsonian Channel documentaries.
Go behind the scenes and into the minds of some of World War II’s most infamous figures in the Smithsonian Channel’s Secrets of the Third Reich, coming to DVD May.
The four-part series Secrets of the Third Reich uncovers the little-known stories that played a large role in determining the fate of the war and those who fought in it.
Join us for Hitler’s Madness as medical experts and war historians explore recently discovered medical records that reveal tantalizing evidence about Hitler and the controversial doctor he entrusted with his life. Could his personal physician be responsible for the dictator’s extreme behavior or was he hired to kill the madman?
In Hitler’s General, witness the sensational rise and fall of Adolf’s favorite general Erwin Rommel, a.k.a. the Desert Fox. From the battle victories in France and North Africa that lifted him to prominence to the fallout in the waning months of the war to the final decision he made to protect his family’s honor and his legacy, discover the truth behind this morally conflicted, high-ranking member of the Nazi Army.
Next, discover the secrets that were buried at sea when the pride of the German submarine fleet was sunk by U.S. forces in The Ghost of U-513. After more than 68 years underwater, witness her story, along with the 1,100 other U-boats that prowled the seas during World War II, that sent scores of sailors to their deaths.
Lastly, brought to life through dramatic re-creations, rare archival footage and interviews with war historians and a German special forces veteran, get an inside look into the secret operations that took place in the shadows of WWII in Deadly Missions.

Take a journey 150 years back in time and learn about the war that nearly tore our nation apart in the Smithsonian Channel’s Civil War 360, also marching onto DVD May 20.
This three-part documentary series explores both the famous and little known aspects of the Civil War from the perspectives of the Union, the Confederacy and the millions of enslaved Americans struggling for freedom. Hosted by Ashley Judd, Grammy-nominated country singer Trace Adkins and Dennis Haysbert---all of whom have ancestors who were greatly affected by the war.
Each episode delivers fresh insights and untold tales brought to life through dramatic re-creations and analysis of the Smithsonian Institution’s vast collection of artifacts.

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