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Two French Bulldogs stolen from Chicagoland home

Please help find Rue and Pierre!
Please help find Rue and Pierre!
WGN - Chicago

News is all over the wires about two French Bulldogs taken right from the home of a recently married same sex couple, David Wilk and Charlie Gurion. The couple is grieving from the loss as they stated on NBC5 this morning that the two dogs were their children. Just with any parent, the two men want to see their babies returned home safe and without harm!

The men lived in the Avondale neighborhood, near Belmont and Sacramento. Their home was burglarized while they were out for coffee Tuesday morning between the hours of 9:00 and 11:30 a.m. Their front door was smashed in, displaying that someone was serious about the break-in. The house was ransacked and the two dogs, Rue and Pierre were nowhere to be found.

It was unfortunate that the couple just happened to be out and about since they are typically home for they work right from their home. When they returned, they found their house in shambles, their dogs missing and immediately reported the incident at about 11:50 a.m.

What is truly upsetting for the couple is that Rue is a special needs dog. She is an 18-month old deaf white French Bulldog with tan spots. She also has severe allergies. They are very worried because she has to take medication daily and don’t know what she will do without it.

Pierre is a grey French Bulldog with blue eyes that they took in after a friend could no longer take care of him. They do not want anything happening to Pierre either!

The couple is miffed about where their precious animals have disappeared to. All they want to do is get them back.

Their efforts include appearing on the morning news, social media campaigns, and canvassing thing their neighborhood with friends and others, handing out and posting fliers with both dogs’ photos on them. They are simply asking that if anyone saw anything that they should contact the concerned couple.

No one wants to see their beloved dogs come to any harm. Dogs are very important parts of people’s families. The hope and prayer is that no harm will come to David and Charlie’s precious Rue and Pierre and that they will be returned shortly and safely.

It is one thing to steal things, but a whole other issue when it involves living, breathing animals. That is just not right!

If you know anything, please contact the Area North detectives at 312-744-8263 or the men at 224-234-3808.

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