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Two favorite birthday party themes for summer

Rainbow Ring Play Center
Rainbow Ring Play Center

For young, energetic kids, summer can be one of the best times to celebrate a birthday. They aren’t trapped inside the walls of school, there are no holidays to compete with, and there is more time to spend outside in the summer sun. Coming up with a theme for your child's birthday party can be quite daunting - there are so many ideas, so many choices, so many decisions. What about entertainment and games to keep the kids busy; what about the color scheme and decor to keep it cute and thoughtful? Here are two fun, favorite summer birthday party themes that are sure to be a success for you and a hit with the kids.

Radio Flyer

Backyard water park party: Kids love splashing around in water, so why not venture to a water park for some birthday party fun. Only, you don’t have to step any further than your backyard. With the overwhelming selection of pools, sprinklers and other water toys on the market, you certainly have plenty to choose from. Though I have a couple favorites of my own, here goes:

  • Rainbow Ring Play CenterIntex Recreation corp. is known for offering some of the best recreational products at a value price, and the Rainbow Ring Play Center is no exception. This inflatable pool has two separate pool areas, a water sprayer that connects to a standard garden hose, a water slide, a ball rolling station and a ring toss station – that’s a lot of activities packed into one pool! The Rainbow Ring Play Center is designed to accommodate up to three kids ages three and up. A drain plug and repair patch are included with this inflatable pool. The approximate inflated size is 117"L, 76"W, 53"H.
  • Dinoland Play Center – This is another Intex product that can transform your backyard into a water park. The Dinoland Play Center product has the same concept and design as the Rainbow Ring Play Center but with a dino arch sprayer, volcanic ball roller and dino hoops to amp up the dinoland theme. Intex delivers yet another inflatable that will have kids entertained for as long as you let them! Hours of entertainment? Thank you! A drain plug and repair patch are also included. The approximate inflated size is 131"L, 90"W, 44"H.
  • Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide – Little Tikes is a household name when it comes to delivering fun, creative toys for the young ones. To turn your backyard water park into a true adventure, the Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide inflatable has features that will keep those lively party-goers busy. This inflatable giant features a rock wall, a slippery curved slide, a wading pool, and a basketball hoop and ball. Easy entrance and exit is provided by a step area in the side wall of the slide. Little Tikes recommends no more than three kids between the ages of five and ten years old play in the Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide at once. A heavy-duty blower is included to provide continuous airflow into the inflatable. Stakes are also included to hold the bouncer firmly in place. The approximate inflated size is 157"L, 128"W, 93"H.

Radio Flyer party: Does Radio Flyer even need an introduction? After 97 years of building toys that launch the voyages of childhood dreams, I think not. And for that reason, Radio Flyer is such a fun birthday party theme that would deliver a classic touch of imagination. Okay, honestly a Radio Flyer theme works for any time of year. But since Radio Flyer specializes in outdoor riding toys, summer is the best time to enjoy this classic theme so you can get out and enjoy those toys. Here are two cool reasons Radio Flyer works so well for a birthday party theme:

  • Build a Radio Flyer – That’s exactly right, you and your little one have the opportunity to build a custom wagon or trike. From seating options, attachable bags, overhead hoods to customized name plates, your child can create his or her very own personalized adventure on wheels. That's a pretty fun birthday gift if you ask me! Build the excitement for your tot and have this custom built ride revealed at the party.
  • Radio Flyer Birthday Club – The birthday club dedicates itself to helping you make your child’s birthday memorable . . . and easy. The website offers a party planning section that includes downloadable invitations and decorations along with ideas for game activities. As for party favors, you can create a personalized Flyer’s License for each guests to take home. It will look like you put a lot of work into that birthday party, but Radio Flyer makes it pretty easy. A bonus tip, if you sign up for the birthday club, you get a $10 gift card toward your next purchase.

With the help of Pinterest and Etsy, you can give your own personal style to the party. But most of all, make it fun for you and the little one you are celebrating. For more baby and toddler information and news, subscribe to Baby and Toddler Examiner.

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