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Two famous Civil War generals shared the same surgeon

Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson and Richard Stoddard Ewell, famous Confederate Civil War generals, were also both amputees.

Ewell was injured in the leg at the battle of Groverton, VA on August 29, 1861. His leg was amputated below the knee.

Jackson’s left arm was amputated just prior to his death near Chancellorsville, VA after he was accidently shot on May 2, 1863 by his own men returning to camp in the dark of the night. Jackson’s arm is actually buried there, separate from his body which is buried in Lexington, VA where he lived.

Ironically, General Ewell was shot in that same leg at Gettysburg, PA on July 3, 1863. The second shot stuck in his artificial limb, build by G. W. Wells and Brother’s factory, and thus caused no additional injury to General Ewell.

Besides both being amputees, Generals Jackson and Ewell’s amputations were performed by the same Confederate surgeon, Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire. Dr. McGuire filed a report on Jackson’s death as he was the chief surgeon of Jackson’s corps.

Today the Veterans Administration Hospital in Richmond Virginia is named in his honor – as the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center.

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