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Two fall fashion trends to try today


Photo by Michael Curcio

Each season, designers try out new styles and trends in their collections. These designer items can cost a fortune - but you can get the same looks for less by knowing what the big trends are and finding them "on the cheap"! One of the best places to get great fall looks for low prices is eBay.

One big trend this fall is animal print - a little or a lot, depending on your personal style. Most most people, it's easier (and less expensive) to mix one item into their current wardrobe. For example, on the left is a purple/mauve animal print top (hyperlink takes you to eBay auction page for this item) that gets points for use of color. Animal print clothing does not have to be brown, tan, and black all the time. This shirt is perfect for fall - light enough to use in layers under a jacket or over a camisole but with long sleeves, so it can be worn alone. Try a shirt like this with jeans for running errands, under a khaki blazer for a casual Friday office look, or with a little black skirt or skinny pants for a night out. 

Michael Curcio

Another fall trend is embellished clothing - bows, sequins, buttons, ribbons, scarves - whatever makes you take a second look. The added visual interest makes your look more interesting too. For those that don't like frilly extras on their clothes, try a trompe-l'œil top like the one pictured on the right. The bow on this pink top is part of the knit, so there are no extra weight or loose ends. Furthermore, this color will stand out in a sea of earth tones, but can easily be mixed into any palette. This top is the perfect piece to add to your office attire and your weekend warbrobe. For more adventurous fashionistas, the sky is the limit with this trend - this is one area where you can let your imagination run wild. Try a sequined evening jacket over a colored t-shirt with your favorite jeans for a sparkly casual look. That same jacket over the little black dress you wore all last year will give the entire look a new sparkle.

     With these tips and some smart shopping,  the savings will add up quickly and your fall style will be the envy of your friends. 

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