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Two faced groundhog a perspective in images and framing of George/Wayman/Cren

Light and perspective on images
David George

This image has caused some discussion about what people are really seeing. Take a look and then look again. He seems to be looking almost directly at you just a little to your left. He has two black eyes looking at you with a gray area around the one on the right as you look at it. You can see his ear on the left and a nose that is almost covered in whisker with his mouth clearly visible. One family member saw it this way even blown up to almost 200 percent.

The image is of a groundhog sitting in the grass enjoying an evening meal. The image is shot at sunset with a Nikon D700 and a Nikon 70-210 older lens. The actual image is of him looking to the viewers left. His nose is clearly pointing toward the sun. It is sort of like the old posters where you stared at it hard enough and long enough you could see 3d images. This is a good example of perspective in things. It does not matter if it is a picture, painting, sculpture or a disagreement with someone. Two living breathing people can see exactly the same thing and yet will swear that thing is totally different than the other person sees it.

The image can be interpreted a couple of ways. A teenage girl seen a devil groundhog with two faces and one is evil. Not sure about that one. Other people seen a simple groundhog looking at the sunset and yet others seen a creature they were not sure of the identity because of the shape of the nose pointed at them.

If you look at it and turn away quickly and then back and look at the gray fur that is sort of like a quarter on the right when you look at it the nose and eyes come into focus and you see something besides a groundhog. A full size image of the groundhog will also be on the magazine site front page slider if you want a better look at the image.

As I said perspective is something to keep when dealing with most things and remember that others may not see what you see even though you are looking at exactly the same thing whether it is a picture or something in writing. A note to answer some inquiries concerning the copyright infringement and DMCA cases that keep getting asked, you can get complete information on each case as things get approved by the legal eagles. The information will be on Studio1-The Magazine which is the information and training magazine. It will have notes and perspectives plus other information. The pages can be found on the right side of the screen under pages. You will find a couple of case pages.

One note, the cases may or may not have been filed when you get there as they are in process. The page names are George v Wayman et al and George v Cren and others. Note that these are page names in the page listing at this time. One other point Wayman was found it appears. And with that person being named in at least two of the cases it means that things can proceed.

Again complete information is going to be available only on the magazine site with some pertinent information about photography and photographer rights posted on Examiner.

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