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Two dogs killed in traffic as FedEx delivery man opens gate at animal rescue

 being hit by a car as they rushed out into traffic the day a FedEx delivery truck entered the dog rescue without closing the gate
being hit by a car as they rushed out into traffic the day a FedEx delivery truck entered the dog rescue without closing the gate
Sarah Ruckelshaus

Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue is located in rural Chesterton, Md., but during the summer, tourist traffic picks up as travelers head to the beach. On June 19, a FedEx Ground delivery truck opened the gate to the dog rescue where eight dogs were in plain view; the driver watched as two of the dogs ran out of the gate and were instantly hit and killed on the road reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Border collies are energetic working dogs who love to run and explore. Their natural intelligence motivates them to check out their surroundings, and the day the FedEx truck came into the yard, Yogi and Scot couldn't resist and ran through the gate; directly into oncoming traffic.

The executive director of the rescue, Sarah Ruckelshaus, states she gets deliveries all the time, and the regular drivers either leave the deliveries at the outside of the gate or beeps the horn to announce their arrival. The only time the dogs are out in the yard, according to Ruckelshaus, is when she is home to supervise. Yogi and Scot were waiting to be adopted; they were each only 16-months-old.

Fences and gates are designed to keep animals in, and entering without permission can be dangerous to anyone. Ruckelshaus also raises sheep on the property she calls Victory Farm. She has contemplated posting a sign; that's probably better than nothing, but she refuses to put a lock on the gate in case of an emergency.

Sadly that particular day, the FedEx driver was not a regular, and ironically he was delivering a bag of donated dog food to the rescue when the tragedy occurred. When notified, FedEx did apologize, however Ruckelshaus had hoped the company could have assured her that drivers were being instructed to close gates behind them so a tragedy like this might never happen to anyone else.

Rest in peace Yogi and Scot.

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