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Two dogs abandoned at Maine shelter with their mouths full of porcupine quills

Two dogs abandoned at Maine shelter with their mouths full of porcupine quills-slide0
Waterville Humane Society

On Wednesday morning, a Facebook post from the Humane Society of Waterville, introduced two dogs who had been left in an outdoor dog run; the dogs' mouths were full of porcupine quills.

Magnum is being comforted by a Humane Society volunteer after he was dropped off at the animal shelter run late at night.
Waterville Humane Society

A handwritten note about the dogs had been pushed into the door. The note stated:

"The black one's name is Magnum. The white one's name is Buddy (Bud). Couldn't afford them. Family is extremely heartbroken."

That night it had snowed again in Waterville, and at 7:30 in the morning, when the dogs were found, they were wet, shivering, and in pain.

The dogs were rushed to the New England Animal Hospital where the quills were removed. The dogs are currently on antibiotics due to residual infections. Extremely upset from being abandoned and in pain, the dogs have been severely traumatized:

"There they received their rabies vaccines; due to running very high temps, they received antibiotics. They were sedated to remove the quills from deep down in their mouths. They are recovering quietly here at the shelter. The older one was crying on the shoulder of a kennel tech. The baby was curled into a fetal position just now, crying."

The Humane Society of Waterville will be paying for the care and all expenses related to the dogs. Both of the dogs will need to be neutered are both reported to be full of tapeworms.

No charges will be levied against the owners, but the Humane Society is asking the owners to come forward to officially surrender the dogs. Magnum and Bud will then be eligible for adoption as soon as they recover.

The veterinarian bill for Magnum and Buddy so far is $565. If you would like to help this fine organization, please consider donating by clicking here.

For additional information about the dogs, please call Pam or Margi at (207)-873-2430.

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