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Two deer rescued from unplanned Hampton Beach ocean frolic

Two Massachusetts men helped two white tailed deer out of the ocean on Friday morning after the animals mistakenly waded out too far in the cold water at Hampton Beach, N.H. reported

After herding one of the deer out of the ocean, the other one became scared and ran back in.
Screen shot of YouTube video/

Paddle boarders Eric Tidman and Matthew Roy spotted the animals seemingly distressed and notified Fish and Game and the Hampton Police. As authorities tried to coax the deer to shore using a boat to herd them in, the animals would panic and swim further out; both of the deer were extremely stressed, tired, and scared.

According to New Hampshire Fish and Game press release, Tidman and Roy were instrumental in the rescue, now dubbed "Operation Aqua Bambi Rescue" on YouTube. The men were able to use their paddle boards to help corral and restrain the deer with a snare pole provided by the Fish and Game officers.

With the aid of a biologist, the deer were then blindfolded and restrained while they were transported to a safe place to be released. The two deer, although extremely tired from their day at the beach, were not injured and are expected to fully recover in the forest where they belong.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the rescue, and a special appreciation to Eric Tidman and Matthew Roy.

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