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Two dead in two unrelated accidents in East Palo Alto, CA

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Two dead in two unrelated accidents in East Palo Alto, CA

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EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Top news here in San Francisco is that a 5-year old girl young girl was hit and killed by a car, on Wednesday morning. The incident happened just a short distance from another, unrelated, accident. In that second accident a motorcyclist was hit by an SUV as the SUV was escaping from police. Both accidents happened in East Palo Alto which is in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A neighbor, Maria Lopez, said she saw a child lying in the street and thought the little girl was around 5 years old. The child was accompanied by a woman thought to be the little girl's mother.

That incident happened at Bay Road and Gloria Way, said Menlo Park Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman.

The driver of the car that hit the girl stopped at the scene of the accident and was helping police with their inquiries. The little girl attended Cesar Chavez Elementary School, says news source KTVU Channel 2 News in San Francisco.

Earlier today, a motorcyclist was hit by an SUV. That incident happened in Palo Alto too, just a few hours earlier, on Runnymede Ave.

“There was someone in a backyard, possibly trying to break in,” said police with regard to the motorcyclist.

“By the time our officers got there, the person involved in the suspicious activity had left. The only description given the officers was that they (the suspects) were driving away in a mini-van or SUV.”

When officers tried to stop the SUV, it sped off and hit a motorcyclist. That motorcyclist died at the scene.

The driver and passengers of the SUV have been detained.

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