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Two dead dogs found floating in Hudson River: Sad reality of dog fighting

Two dogs were found floating in the Hudson River. An investigation continues.
Two dogs were found floating in the Hudson River. An investigation continues.
Newburgh Police FB

Within one week, two dead dogs have been found floating in the Hudson River at a remote part of the Newburgh Waterfront area located near Front Street in Orange County, New York reported the Hudson Valley News.

The dogs had been stuffed inside of a blue plastic laundry bags; the last dog was discovered by local resident Erin Talarico who says dog fighting is most likely the cause of the dogs' deaths.

According to Gene Hecht, the SPCA's chief humane law enforcement officer, the first dog was believed to have been alive when he was stuffed into the bag and thrown into the river.

"It’s horrible. The only thing I could think of possibly is dog fighting. I don’t think anyone else would get rid of their dog that way. It’s just absolutely ridiculous. It would be like putting a little kid in a bag and throwing your kid in the river, tying it so they can’t get out. It’s a horrible, horrible death.”

Talarico stated there are rumors of dog fighting operations going on in the area, and dogs who lose their fights are thrown into the river to drown.

On Friday, 20 pit bulls were rescued from an egregious horror house of torture at 196th Street near 118th Avenue in Queens. Authorities found the first five pitbulls tied up with heavy weighted collars around their necks, and the other 15 dogs were being held captive in the garage; there was no food or water for any of the animals. In addition, authorities were appalled at the blood stained walls, the fighting arena, bloodied treadmills and electrical cables. All of the dogs are now being cared for by the ASPCA.

If anyone has any information about the two dogs, please call the City of Newburgh Police at 845.561.3131.

Rest in peace innocent dogs.

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