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Two Conservatives walk into a bar....

Swingin' 60s
Swingin' 60s
photo by Bernie Boston, 1967

It sounds like the making of a great joke but the thought isn't very funny to many Democrats nowadays. Conservatives are starting to realize  they can't sit by anymore and focus on their own lives. They have to do what goes against their very nature, organize the community.

On occasion I speak with my good friend Buck McNeely from the Outdoorsman International television series. Buck is a pretty staunch Conservative and obviously an avid outdoorsman and gun rights activist. He's a great guy to bounce your ideas off of and I know when talking to him I get the straight honesty I'd expect from a self made man.

I came to the revelation last night that the downfall of our society came from the 60s and 70s generation. The generation that brought us LSD, sexual promiscuity and absolute freedom of expression. (Even if that means parading in down town San Francisco buck naked in front of all the children.) Don't get me wrong, I'm all for giving the Constitution a thorough testing, but not for the sake of shock value or to prove a point.

At some point during this time, Conservatives gave in. They succumbed to the relentless yammering of the liberals and simply paid them no mind. Conservatives saw the flower power movement as laughable and shrugged them off as an insignificant adolescent outburst. How unfortunate that choice was because those adolescents have now grown up and occupy the seats of power in our government.

Buck and I have enjoyed numerous conversations about the direction of our Country and I only realized after hanging up with him what we were really doing. We were organizing, we were debating, we were planning... Oh my god, we were becoming community activist.  Taking a hint from the Liberal playbook, Conservatives are starting to motivate the "Masses of the Asses," as Buck likes to put it. Be careful Liberals, all those quiet Conservatives out there are organizing themselves into Tea Parties.

2010 will be an interesting year to say the least.