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Two children die in hope chest: Kids locked in chest, cause of death reviewed

Two children die in hope chest: Siblings locked in chest, tragedy investigated
Two children die in hope chest: Siblings locked in chest, tragedy investigated
Sutkus Wood, Free Photo File

Two children died in a hope chest this week, and police are now interviewing family members as they attempt to determine the circumstances and cause surrounding the tragic deaths. Both kids are known to be family members and were each under 10 years old; they were found locked and not breathing in a large wooden chest within their Mass. home. Yahoo! News shares the sad details on this discovery as police review evidence this Monday, Jan. 13, 2014.

Family members found two children had died in a hope chest within their residence this Monday, noted local prosecutors in a recently published report. The identities of both kids have not been made public at this time due to the pair being minors. The children were allegedly found locked and cramped within a large hope chest. The chest had a lid that could not be opened from the inside, likely leading to them being unable to escape.

A cause of death has not been determined in this tragic incident, though initial reports claimed that suffocation from being trapped within the hope chest seemed to be a “likely factor.” The police report also noted that the chest was located within a family room where a loud television had been running for several hours, preventing any loved ones nearby from hearing the children call for help had they been able.

According to the Reuters press release on the “two children die in hope chest” story:

Several family members were home at the time of the incident and called emergency services when the children were discovered. Officers promptly arrived on scene to the Franklin, Mass., home, but both kids were declared dead.”

At this point and time in the authorities’ review of the hope chest case, there is no foul play suspected. Early investigation results point to the idea that the two children’s tragic deaths were only accidental. However, law enforcement officials and special investigators working on the case are still conducting interviews with family members to try and piece together what occurred, concluded prosecutors. The family is said to be devastated but willingly cooperating with the official investigation.

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