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Two Chicago small businesses compete for office makeover

Office environments affect creativity, productivity and growth
Office environments affect creativity, productivity and growth

Despite the virtual nature of many businesses, the fact is that an office space matters, and can affect the creativity, productivity, culture and morale of employees. That's why two Chicago-based emerging businesses, Doejo and Closerlook, are battling it out in a national competition for an office makeover from office space experts Turnstone. The two companies are competing with 23 other businesses throughout the country, five of which will ultimately win a new office space.

Digital startup agency Doejo has grown from a group of employees working in cafes to a larger team working in a beautiful but under-furnished lofty office. Closerlook, a small healthcare marketing firm, has found itself in a similar position, working in a space that lacks sturdy desks, enough chairs and quiet work spaces, among other things. Both companies have experienced steady growth, and outgrown previous spaces faster than they have time to fill their new office spaces.

The "Win a Sweet New Office!" contest for small businesses was launched by Turnstone to showcase the correlation between good workspaces and improved creativity, productivity and growth.

Ken Neil at Turnstone, offers the following points about the importance of a great work environment:

"The workplace can be optimized to deliver what both organizations and the people who work for them need: a range of settings to support a variety of work styles; zones that provide the tools and 'vibe' for the work that needs to get done; spaces that work harder and smarter by supporting multiple functions."

Additional functions Neil mentions of the right office space include:

  • being designed to enhance collaboration
  • attracting and engaging the right talent
  • helping you live in your brand

If you want to support one of these local Chicago small businesses, vote for them on the Turnstone video contest website before this Sunday, May 13.


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