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Two charged with animal cruelty in Northfield Farm horse rescue

One of the horses rescued arriving at Live and Let Live Farm Rescue.
One of the horses rescued arriving at Live and Let Live Farm Rescue.
Debbi Muse / Live and Let Live Farm Rescue

Harold Kelley, 58, and Joanie Osgood, 56, were arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday, and charged with animal cruelty after five horses were seized from a Northfield Farm in New Hampshire on June 6, 2014, according to the Concord Monitor. Bert Southwick, 90, is the owner of the farm.

Kelley was charged with two class A misdemeanors and Osgood with three class A misdemeanors. They were released on their own recognizance and will be arraigned some time in the next couple of months.

Five horses were seized from Southwick's property due to deplorable conditions and poor health. Southwick, 90, will not be charged in this incident as the horses in question were not under his care. Southwick was boarding the horses for Kelley and Osgood. Kelley was the caretaker while Southwick was in and out of the hospital.

The five horses had been standing in their own feces and urine, in cow stalls on concrete flooring. Many had open sores and overgrown hooves. Some of the horses had no water and the hay that was available was old. The horses went to Live and Let Live Farm Rescue in Chichester.

Kelley owned two of the horses seized and Osgood owned the other three. Kelley claimed he did not have time to care for the horses as he worked another full-time job and had to care for his mother. An affidavit filed with the court reported Kelley stated he had received “no help from the people here,” referring to those who boarded the animals.

Osgood was last seen on the farm in 2011. She allegedly abandoned the horses without food or care, and she never paid boarding fees.

Southwick is well-known around Northfield. He has delivered eggs to residents for 75 years and is affectionately known as “The Egg Man.”

Horses rescued from deplorable conditions in Northfield NH

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