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Two cats fly 7,655 miles from Oman to U.S. to find loving families

Two cats fly 7,655 miles from Oman to U.S. to find loving families
Two cats fly 7,655 miles from Oman to U.S. to find loving families
Purrfect Pals / Facebook

Muscat, which flanks the Gulf of Oman, is south of Iran and Pakistan and east of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It's a world away from the Pacific Northwest. Until recently, this capital city of Oman was the home of two rescued kitten sisters who were taken to the Al Qurum veterinary clinic to find foster homes. But last month, Flower and Sunshine made an epic journey to find a family, flying 7,655 miles to the greater Seattle, Washington area.

After spending time in a loving foster care home, the sisters arrived in the U.S. on July 10, 2014. They were examined at the Purrfect Pals clinic and went to a wonderful foster home to relax, play, and become accustomed to their new - and drastically different - climate. Purrfect Pals is now helping these world travelers find a place where they can love someone forever.

According to the kittens’ foster mother, these girls are wonderfully affectionate: they love everything and everyone. They are the official greeters of everyone who comes into the home and they love to explore the highest heights in the house. These two have climbed up to every high object in the home and they enjoy their time on cat towers.

These active cats would flourish in a home where they can run and explore together. Flower and Sunshine are busy girls who love to be involved in every activity that’s going on within the house. They would do well with an active, busy family that would welcome their happy energy and delight in their night time snuggles, as well.

After their epic journey, Flower and Sunshine are now ready to go to their forever home together. They will be going to one of Purrfect Pals’ offsite locations soon, but if you were interested in providing them a home, you can contact Purrfect Pals here.

Purrfect Pals has been helping cats in the Puget Sound area for more than 25 years. The organization specializes in helping cats who may have a harder time finding an adoptive home, including senior cats and cats with increased care needs. To learn more about Purrfect Pals, visit their website here.