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Two cats are better than one in most cases

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Two cats are better than one in most cases. Most of the time, cats are happier and healthier when they have a buddy to hang out with. This is especially true when you're gone a lot of the time. Contrary to popular belief, cats aren't necessarily solitary creatures. They can be quite social. You see this in feral colonies, where cats live in groups and might even raise their kittens in a community environment.

Some other reasons that two cats are better than one are:

  • Cats that get along like to groom each other, which strengthens bonds and can help to reduce their stress;
  • They have someone else to play with and interact with on a feline level, which is healthy even when you're home. Because of that, they're less likely to get lonely and depressed;
  • As a major bonus, they're less likely to have behavior problems, such as being destructive while you're gone.

We might think of cats as solitary because they do hunt alone, and their prey is so small that it will only feed one animal. They're also very cautious animals, because in the wild, they're both predators and prey. There aren't many animals in that position. However, even though they appear solitary, they usually aren't.

If you think two cats are better than one, then generally, it's best to adopt two at the same time that already know and like each other. If you already have one cat, and it's been that way for a while, getting a friend for her might not be a good idea because she's used to being alone. You could wind up with two badly stressed-out cats. Also, if she has a history of not getting along well with other cats, then you're better off keeping just her. However, if you know she gets along well with other cats, then you can look for one that also gets along well with other cats, and introduce them to each other slowly.

Overall, though, two cats are better than one. They could be less of a headache for you than just one.