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Two candidates, ten counties, one election

The ten counties under FL-17
The ten counties under FL-17
Will Bronson for Congress

In a race that has no primary competition, the date becoming weeks away, there is one man who hopes to represent ten different counties. This would be the Congressional race in the newly designated seventeenth district. Will Bronson and Tom Rooney.

Mr. Will Bronson is the Democratic challenger who stressed during his interview his belief in the Bible. Mr. Bronson also mentioned his books available on Amazon about Jesus and the path to heaven. He is a man of God. He grew up as an evangelical and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Mr. Bronson has a great mission statement on his website and Facebook: to restore democracy and free enterprise, both of which have been compromised by big money interests. This is why campaign reform, term limits, and anti-trust legislation are central to Bronson’s campaign.

The military industrial complex is at the center of what Bronson believes is ailing our country. Bronson believes he can reach across the aisle because, as a Democrat, he believes in Republican Ron Paul’s initiative to audit the Federal Reserve and steer clear of unnecessary wars and international meddling

“If you think it's bad we can't audit the Federal Reserve,” Mr. Bronson said, “Imagine the Department of Defense. There is literally trillions of dollars being spent that is hidden in bureaucratic red tape that we are aren't even allowed to see the books.” He cites the 1992 law that requires all departments of government to submit to an annual thorough audit, a law that the DOD has consistently ignored.

Mr. Bronson mentioned that we should think outside the circle of “Left and Right” and realize if you go around it, we all meet in the middle. (A circle around a circle makes an interesting figure known as circumscribed circle, also known as the Vesica Piscis, beautiful start of sacred geometry.) Perhaps Will Bronson will be the man, regardless of your political affiliation, who can get the job done.

District 17 is very unusual. It touches ten different counties. Gerrymandered after the 2010 census, state level politicians across the country re-drew districts in hopes of consolidating political power.

District 17 Republican voters must consider that your current Representative Tom Rooney, Republican, was elected in 2008 with 60% after Democrat Tim Mahoney, a family values politician self-destructed over hush money paid to his two paramours. Rooney was re-elected in 2010 with 67% over Jim Horn. Bronson’s 41.4% in 2012 won with under $20,000 looks good in light of incumbent Rooney’s million dollar campaign and explains his desire for a rematch this year.

In a time when the rural Republicans and libertarians fight for a “Tea Party” type government.... Perhaps, Will Bronson, a former Republican and 2nd Amendment advocate is their best bet for Congress. Bronson is also a six year Navy veteran who objects to Rooney’s three consecutive year votes to decrease funding for the Veterans Administration while ranting at the administrators for not caring properly for our injured GIs.

Rooney’s major legislative accomplishment was sponsoring a bill that increased penalties and made it easier to arrest public protesters.

The Libertarian bloc of voters is growing. Many Independents (in Florida called NPA - “No Party Affiliation”) are becoming more Libertarian, and the Libertarian Party is statistically the largest growing 3rd party in America.

What does this all spell out for people residing in the counties of Hillsborough, Manatee, Polk, Charlotte, Desoto, Hardee, Lee, Highlands, Okeechobee and Glades – all counties that Tom Rooney tries to represent?

Will Bronson told us he has a plan; not a "whatever it takes to stay in office" attitude. Rooney's website has a 4 year old commercial and no new information on his plan for the ten counties he oversees. In fact, there is a question as to whether he actually lives in the district, even though he purchased property in Okeechobee.

"Jesus said that you can only serve one master, God or money," Bronson explained, "The problem with our planet and our country is that too many have made the wrong choice. Only when the electorate understands this and lives this and elect those who will also live this, will our country return to its place as a city on a hill."

Rep. Rooney's office declined to comment and simply referred us to his campaign website.

It's all about learning about the person.

Read more about Rooney here: Rep. Thomas J. Rooney

Read more about Will Bronson and his mission statement here: Bronson For Congress

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