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Two California journalists pardoned by Kim Jong II thanks to Clinton


Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and North Korean President Kim Jong II in Pyongyang Aug. 4, 2009 (AP Photo/Korean News Agency)

Former President Bill Clinton, on an unannounced trip to North Korea earlier today, has been granted a pardon for two California journalists, Laura Ling, 32, and Euna Lee, 36.

Back in March, the two reporters were arrested for illegal border crossing and allegedly were engaging in “hostile acts.” Months later, the two were sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp.

Just a few weeks ago, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton confidently stated Lee and Ling will be “granted amnesty through the North Korean system.”

Now her husband, no stranger to atonement, apologized on behalf of the women for their acts. Believable or not, according to White House Secretary Robert Gibbs, the trip was a private mission solely focused on the journalists’ releases.

All politics aside, the two Current TV journalists will soon be returned to their families.