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Two boys' icy river rescue: Drifting on river ice, their cries brought help

Two Boys' rescued from icy Des Moines River after ice they were on broke off and was set adrift.
Two Boys' rescued from icy Des Moines River after ice they were on broke off and was set adrift.
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The two boys’ icy river rescue had some nail biting moments as the firefighters and rescue teams worked to get the two boys to safety and out of the cold Des Moines River. The two brothers, Dylan and Corbin Crawford, floated on a piece of river ice that broke off and headed downstream towards the “churning waters of a hydro-electric dam,” according to News Max on March 24.

The boys had been walking along the river when one of the brothers' shoes got caked in mud. As the boy was kicking his feet, trying to shake off the mud, his shoe went flying and landed in the river, which was iced over.

Dylan,7, and Crawford, 12, walked out onto the ice to retrieve the shoe when the ice broke off and became an independent floating vessel. The piece of ice that the boys were standing on drifting downstream towards the dam.

It was lucky for the boys that two people spotted them on the ice clinging to each other, crying out for help and they called 911.

The rescuers went right into action in this hour-long rescue. First two life jackets tied to ropes were thrown out to the kids to put on. Then a firefighter dressed in a cold water floatation suit slid out to the boys on the ice. Another firefighter got into the water between the flowing ice and the shore. It appeared that they had just about every possible scenario covered.

It then took several firefighters to launch a boat out to the boys, which they got into and safely brought back to shore. During the rescue the boys’ mother watched from shore yelling to the boys that they were not in trouble, she said that she just wants them safe.

Mom and the boys’ sister greeted them on the shore with tears of joy. The firefighter’s later got an email thanking them from the mom, who said the boys were at home drinking hot chocolate after learning a lesson today.

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