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Two Bostons is busy, busy, busy

Andy and AdreAnne are in the dog and people business!
Andy and AdreAnne are in the dog and people business!
Two Bostons

Not only do the two locations of Two Bostons’ (owned and operated by Andy and AdreAnne Tesene) cater to the dogs they serve, but to the pet parents, too. They realize just how important family is and even if the family members are of the four-legged variety, they are just as important. Providing a means to keep the family together is what Two Bostons’ and staff are all about!

That is why they are continually devising ways for people and their pets to spend much needed time together. Their family-friendly activities are created to include every person of every age in the events. June of 2014 is no different; many events are in store for the public to share.

There are birthday bashes to attend. All Fidos are offered a doggy-style cake while people cake is provided to the human family members. There is meeting and greeting (and Fido hopes that some birthday shopping could also be in store!).

Weekly walks give the entire family an excuse to meet up with other dogs and their families to traipse around Downtown Naperville. Over the years, this weekly summer Thursday night activity has become quite popular and has produced lasting friendships – and some pretty fit people and dogs to boot!

But the Tesenes don’t stop with the little things, they get involved in the greater good, too. Speaking of, they have a large list of registered team members that they are expecting for the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life event that is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 28th.

They have currently raised over $2,000 and can’t wait to meet up with their team members on the day of the walk! To thank their loyal team members, they are giving them an official team backpack in addition to a Two Bostons Gift Certificate that they will be able to later use in either of their two store locations:

· Downtown on Jefferson Street or

· On 75th Street at the Springbrook Mall location.

There is still time to sign up to walk so get online and get on board. You will not regret it. The friendships you will make alone will be worth the small amount of time it takes to do the walk. Besides that, you get some great benefits to boot! What are you waiting for?

These are just a few of the activities being mentioned this month. Things are always evolving and changing to keep it fresh. If you have never stopped in to a Two Bostons store, you may just want to think about doing so.

Two Bostons has great people, great products and great services with a load of fantastic opportunities for the entire family. Check them out today!

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