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Two bodies pulled from Lake Erie: Two more still missing after day of fishing

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Two bodies were pulled from Lake Erie and identified as the two women who were with a group of four reported missing on Wednesday. Amy Santus, 33, and Page Widmer, 16, were found floating in the water with their life jackets on, according to MSN News on April 18.

The two women reportedly went fishing on Lake Erie with the two men who are still missing today. The women sent pictures of themselves fishing to relatives on Wednesday. When they didn’t return on Wednesday night, police were called.

Their “partially submerged boat” was found on a reef near the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant. The women's bodies were found in the lake not far from the power plant where the boat was found, which is near Toledo, Ohio. Police report that there are still no sign of the men.

Their truck with the attached boat trailer was found at the marina where they launched their boat when police first started the search. The water is cold and coast guard officials said it depends on the size and weight of the person in the water when estimating how long they could survive the elements. It also depends on what the person was wearing to also determine their ability to survive the cold.

The coast guard estimated a window of about eight-hours for the men to survive in the water. They searched all day Thursday in helicopters and boats, despite passing of their eight hour estimated window for their survival. The water in the search area was about 35 to 40 degrees, reports the coast guard.

According to today, the four in the fishing group had sent text messages back to relatives that they were headed for shore and on their way home, but they never arrived. The search for the two missing boaters was suspended after not finding the missing men on Thursday. The search will continue “pending any new developments.” On Thursday rescue crews searched more than 200 nautical miles in the rescue area, to no avail.