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Two beautiful huskies in California shelter desperately in need of dog bail

Two huskles, now at California shelter, desperately need rescue
Two huskles, now at California shelter, desperately need rescue

Two beautiful huskies are in desperate need of "dog bail" to get them out of a California shelter and into the forever home that is waiting for them. The price is going up daily to get the two dogs out.

Here's the situation between an animal lover named Rachel and the series of unfortunate events the three of them must overcome to get these dogs to safety.

A Good Samaritan named Rachel found the two huskies on CraigsList in the Los Angeles area. The advertisement stated that a store owner saw the huskies looking for food in front of the store he took the dogs to be fixed, examined and micro-chipped. It turned out to be a 4 yr old mother and her 1 yr old male pup

Rachel took the dogs and found a family who was willing to drive to meet them. Rachel personally made the five hour trip to see these two dogs got a good home. She met the family, who lived on 60 acres of land.

A few days later Rachel learned the dogs had escaped their new owners, and were taken to a shelter. After checking several shelters, it was discovered the two dogs were at the Placerville, California shelter.

So Rachel did what any good dog lover would do. She took the day off of work to once again rescue these dogs. Latter that day she found a family, who lived on a acre of land outside of Dayton, Nevada who already had seven dogs, five of whom were huskies.

The next day, for her "kindness," Rachel was fired from her job. Her boss told her "your life is more important than two stray dogs."

Rachel and the forever home parents are now trying to get the dogs out of the shelter. Every day is $25 extra, and Rachel has asked the shelter to allow her pay half of the total of $150 for the huskies. They won't take a debit card and each day they are there increases their "bail."

Rachel did a more thorough background check, now a forever family is awaiting for help to take these sweet dogs home. If you have any way in your heart to help these two beauties, or know anyone who can help them convince the shelter to work with them, please contact Rachel by email at

Please share this article with friends, as well as rescue groups in the California area. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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