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Two barometers of our health

While maturing and possibly becoming a caregiver for a friend or family member one of the most difficult obstacles to deal with is painful feet. There are so many names for painful feet and even more outcomes for treatment. The problem is painful feet are one of the most difficult ailments to have. We use our feet every day in thousands of steps, moving something out of our way, wiggling our toes, working to help our friend and so much more. Painful feet are a window to possibiy other health problems. Do not ignore this pain. At the same time, if we have just finished a long run or run walk, possibly standing on concrete or alike, we should give our feet a break.

If our feet are still bothering us, whether pain or numbness we should make an appointment with our Primary Care Physician. Many, many times the fix is an easy one. And other times our feet maybe telling us to slow down, pay attention to our diet, check with any progressing disease we may have been diagnosed with.

Another plan for taking care of our feet is to wear the right shoes. While resting our feet we need to make a mental list of just what we do each day, walking shoes are not always the best for dress-up and high heels are not the best for walking. When walking on the beach one shoe is not as good as the shoe we might wear hiking on trails. Now this is when we discuss the cost and need for a certain kind of shoe. Looking at our feet, we will probably want to take them with us at the end, and the wrong kind of shoe with a disease, can be the end of that wish or desire. When growing up we did not hear all the ends and outs regarding shoes and our feet. However with the new information in medicine over the last 20 years we now know we can save our feet. And many times we can save our life by listening to our feet.

There is an article we can learn more from at Or go to for the latest information on how and why our feet are a barometer of our health.

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